3 Ways To Know Where You Will Go When You Die

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Alright, here is a million dollar question: Where will you go when you die? “I'd go to heaven. That's where I belong.” “I would probably be reincarnated into some kind of an animal.” “I'd probably be watching my celebrity crush in a---” Alright! I've heard enough. I think I already know where you will be watching your celebrity crush after you die. I used to wish the same. *winks* Anyway, this has been a question pondered by each one of us. When it comes to our whereabouts after death, nobody is certain. However, lots of speculations have already spread all over the world. There are these near-death experiences that have been reported. Would you believe it? Would that really answer the 'where will I go when I die?' query? Guys, let Steven Bancarz guide you in this.

For Bancarz, for you to be able to know where you will go when you die, you need to ask yourselves these three questions. First is 'who or what owns my life?' So what does this question tries to imply? “We aren't talking about what things, people, or institutions own us. Rather, we are talking about what energies own us. What spirits control us in this life? Depending on what perspective you wish to take, you can look at 'spirits' as being literal entities or you can look at them as being a metaphor for mood and energy,” Bancarz explains. This simply asks the question of who and what governs your body, mind, and soul. Is it pride or lust? Or love?

The second question is 'who or what is my God?' What could be the possible things that we consider as our God? Bancarz says, “Money, sex, and power are things which often become objects of our worship.” You can be your own God too. *silence* Try to look at yourself in the mirror when you ask this question. What are you going to do once you've recognized your God? “Once you have identified it, contemplate what an afterlife would entail if an entire life was spent in self-service worshiping that object. If we dedicate our entire physical experience to satisfying a desire of our ego, can we really expect to be forced into a realm that is ruled by a God different than our own personal one?”

Lastly: Am I one with my conscience? I will leave the last question for you to explore by clicking Spirit Science and Metaphysics website below. Once you have clear ideas to these 3 questions, you can now answer the million dollar question above.

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