Come Bust Your Gut In Laughter!

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Today I woke up with the song "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips in my head, and as I went about my morning routine I found myself singing it out-loud. The funny part about it is that I don't actually know all the words to this song. The only parts I really know is the chorus but since I have had some recent stress in my life and a few setbacks I figured it was my subconscious speaking when I kept singing No one can change your life except for you.

Along with the "spring-cleaning" of my house, I decided to clean out my email inbox as well. I was unsubscribing from some email lists and answering some friends emails when I got this link sent to me. I read somewhere that horses are very intuitive and are great for forming bonds with children, especially ones with disabilities. There was even a local farm near-by that offered "therapeutic horseback riding classes" and "equine assisted activities" There are even therapy horse retreats and camps for children with all types of various disabilities to attend.

Therapeutic riding is not only great physical therapy but riding a horse provides increased balance, strength, and physical coordination. Once I clicked the link, I was overcome with laughter! What a priceless picture, the expression is hilarious. I felt so much better - I was singing and cleaning and remembering positive things about my environment, and now I was laughing! They say that laughter is the best medicine and laughing is a wonderful way to reduce stress and increase well-being in our lives. Laughing reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and overall just makes us feel better.

If you want a "daily dose of laughter" feel free to visit 'The Chronicle Of The Horse' website below for some hilarious pictures that will brighten anyone's day!

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