Crystal Eye Candy today is This Amazing Banded Calcite from Mexico

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For centuries, humans have been in awe of the beauty of the Earth and the amazing things that come from it. This Crystal Eye Candy is This amazing Banded Calcite from Mexico. Isn't she a beauty? This large crystal you see here is a semiprecious stone called Calcite, which can be found in Mexico and the United States in states like New Mexico. In Phanerozoic, Ordovician and Jurassic periods, there were calcite seas that low-magnesium calcite was the main mineral found in the water at the time. The word calcite comes from the Greek chalix which means lime since deposits of it can be found in lime stone and in marble. The calcite crystals look somewhat like a quartz crystal and can be clear in colour, or as you can see in this one from the Amazing Geologist Facebook page, they can also be red, orange and yellow, and sometimes even blue.

Crystals can be used for natural healing therapies as well. Remember that you should always check in with your doctor for serious conditions. Calcite crystals are especially great for back pain and gaining physical strength, good for teeth and eyes and has also been noted to help with learning, so it would be great for students and researchers. Energy wise, calcite is known as one of the major cleansers of negative energy. So it is great to keep a piece with you to relieve stress and bring a sense of inner peace. It can also be great to have around the home and can clear the negative energy in a room or in your home. Calcite is very grounding, which means that it can help to centre you and help you to be in the present moment. It is great for healing relationships and can bring a sense of common ground to people in an argument or opposition. You can also use calcite to balance your chakras. Chakras, meaning wheels of light or life in Sanskrit, are the many energy centers that run throughout the body connected to the meridian lines, the lines that carry energy through our bodies. Chakras are mentioned in yogic texts and Seven chakras are now part of natural therapy sessions like Chakra Cleansing and Balancing sessions.

The Seven Chakras begin with the base chakra, below the pelvis is red, and is known as the Root chakra. The next chakra is orange and is known as the Sacral Chakra since it is the energy centre in the area of your sacrum, governing the reproductive organs. The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow, and is the energy centre that encompasses the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach and the spleen, this chakra also applies to Self - esteem and finding your place in the world. The Heart Chakra is in the centre of your chest, and is green or pink and is all about the heart and love. A turquoise blue chakra is located in your throat area, known as your Throat Chakra which governs your communication and speaking your truth. The next chakra is the Third Eye Chakra and is a deep indigo blue, this one connects you to your intuition. Last but not least is the Crown Chakra which is violet in colour, this chakra connects you to the spirit world and to all things in the Universe. You can place the calcite on any or all of your chakras, or hold the crystals while meditating on clearing your chakras to balance them and help to increase energy flow throughout your body. Calcite is one of the crystals that can clear all of the chakras and work with each of them effectively. Enjoy working with Calcite and other crystals to enhance and enrich your life.***

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