How To Effectively Shape The Horse

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Training your horses also means shaping their behavior. Using pressure is part of it, but not a lot of people know how to use it properly. Most of them are boxed with some myths when it comes to this topic, and now is the time to understand the right way of handling it. Your goal is for your horses not to see or feel it as a form of attacking them. Instead, they would learn that the pressure is just a step away from something that they already understand. Horses would even see it as a form of a reward if it's done right.

Once you have established those things to your horses, you will notice that it will be easy for them to accept it with calmness, and you will find no troubles in making them understand the whole process. You must also know that there are two kinds of pressures when training your horse, avoidance and approach. We are here to encourage that you use the latter.

It's a common mistake for trainers to use the avoidance pressure that also makes their horse feels threatened. They think that their horse is learning more when they see them more excited or hyper than usual, as a reaction to their attack. We are here to debunk this myth and tell you straight up to stop doing it to your horses.

The truth is far from it because when horses feel like they are attacked, this would give them a negative feeling and it would be hard for you to come near them. Positive reinforcement is one of the best practices and it's also called the approach pressure. Unless you want your horse to react like a prey animal, then applying avoidance pressure is the way to go. But if you want them to see you as their partner, then using the approach pressure is a must.

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