Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

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In one incredible scientific study, not only have some of the effects of spirituality been scientifically proven to exist, our whole perception of genes and the body has been completely turned upside-down. Western scientists have long believed that only 10% of the genes in our body are really important, the ones responsible for protein production. They refer to the other 90% of DNA as "junk DNA" that serves little to no function. Obviously this notion seems ridiculous, and Russian scientists have finally proven through experimentation that words and frequencies do have an effect on this 90% of "junk DNA" that can cause changes throughout the mind and body.

To sum it up, scientists recently discovered that DNA behaves an awful lot like the areas of our brain that handle language. Both have rules of grammar, structure, and syntax that make the two very similar. When scientists shot a laser with sound frequencies at a strand of DNA, they noticed that the speed at which the DNA information was transmitted changed. In fact, varying sounds and frequencies can have real life effects on our DNA strands, especially the so-called "junk DNA". In the experiment in this article, the scientists successfully switched the signals for frog DNA with salamander DNA by changing the speed at which the DNA signals were delivered. Incredibly, it worked perfectly without any cutting of DNA strands, just using pure sound vibrations! This astounding new field of research that is just now gaining momentum is called "wave genetics" and focuses on how waves affect DNA in living things.

In fact, many spiritual phenomenon can now be explained by using this scientific evidence. For example, the power of hypnosis, meditation, and other spiritual treatments using sounds are actually now scientifically proven to work, at least partially. Because sound and frequency effects DNA, certain vibrations would undoubtedly change the human body. This finally proves through science the veracity of something spiritual gurus and others have been teaching for thousands of years.

Now it is time to learn more about this incredible breakthrough and how it scientifically proves the power of spirituality. Please click the link below to the Wake Up World website for the full article introducing this groundbreaking scientific research.

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