The Beauty And Spirit Of This Arabian Horse Is Hauntingly Beautiful

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Horses are such beautiful and amazing animals no matter what breed they are. The Arabian Horse is a really different looking horse from most horses we see in North America. It has such a majestic beauty that makes it almost look like it is a unicorn without a horn. I love the tones of cream and white of this one in the photo's coat, and the perfectly white hair. The mouth has a nice ashy grey on it which really adds to the colouring.

The link is to a photo that was taken by Hadoya on Deviant Art, a forum for artists of all kinds and levels to share their art freely, without judgement. She has some really gorgeous photos of these horses on her profile that you can check out and see the Arabian horses lovely features. The way she captures the horse, in mid jump, is really spectacular. She must have timed it perfectly to be able to get that perfect shot. The balance of colour and light are really very beautiful as well. I love the colours of the photo, very much a desert feel to it. With the pinkish, terracotta background and then the gorgeous white horse in front. It really shows off how beautiful and clean this horse is, very well taken care of it seems.

Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds actually. Archeological records date 4,500 years ago of their existence. So their bloodline is found in almost every type of horse that exists now. They were owned by nomadic people back in the day, and they considered them to be like a member of the family, and would bring them into their shelters at night. Also to protect them from being stolen of course, because then there goes their transportation!

The pure breads are very distinctive in their build and stature, with very long necks and chiselled features and quite a lean looking body with long, elegant legs . They are really smart and very kind and gentle animals, having a very good temperament with humans. They are very sharp and intelligent, and they make very quick learners, so they are great for riding sports. In ancient times they acted as war horses and as transpiration for humans. They didn't actually make it over to Europe until the early 1,000s and came in through Spain and France on ships.

There are so many legends about these horses as well which are quite fun to read about! Head over to ' Deviant Art' by following the link in the description below to see the beautiful photo!

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