The Rolls-Royce Of Horses

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There is just something about horses that presents a certain beauty and grace that is not only to do with the horses but the people who ride and care for these majestic animals. "The Stylish equestrian," takes that grace to a whole new level, with clothing that really out does itself.

When you have an equestrian event like the Longines Global Champions Tour of Paris, on the same grounds as the historic and beautiful Eiffel Tower, you definitely want to look good, and for this fashion extravaganza designers like Parlanti, Alberto Fasciani, Dada Sport, Licarzo and Alexandra Ledermann were in attendance. For starters Alexandra Lederman the fashion forward designer has mastered the classic and stylish equestrian look, worn with their white stretcy cotton Genial breech, with diagonal piping on the front pocket, great with one of their fashionable belts, you are sure to look great.

Then there is the Italian company Lizarzo who makes the Camilla breech, well designed cotton lycra pants that come in all the equestrian color classics. The breeches have fine detail around the front and back pockets in a range of contrasting colors, with faux back pockets that have a diamond shaped stud with inlaid rhinestones (fancy). Then you have Dada Sport of Paris that gives more of an urban equestrian look, that looks good from the stables to the street. The company has a gorgeous soft sweater jacket with preppy pocket T-shirts, these look great with breeches, jeans or a skirt, they also have a chic line of show clothes from blazers to matching show shirts. You'll want to take a look at the site for more of these stylish equestrian designs, I wish I could look so good in breeches!

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