Think Your Hair's Good? (These Horses' Hair Are Better)

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If you've ever wondered which species has the most gorgeous locks on Earth, ponder no more, that mystery has just been solved! These horses have nicer hairstyles than I can come up with on a good hair day! How did they do it and why can't us humans look like such fashionable hair divas? In this awesome article showcasing 20 of the most beautiful horse's hairstyles on Earth, you can see why horse lovers can't get enough of their favourite animals. Also, it shows how we humans have nothing on horses when it comes to the stylishness and quality of our locks, in fact, we still seem to have a lot to learn from them. For example, many of these horses look incredibly rugged and untamed with their hair floating in the breeze, and yet they are that way naturally, without any products or anything, they just seem to be born with locks to die for. If nothing else it shows that beauty goes beyond just your species and that when some horse's hair looks this pretty it definitely puts us, humans, to shame and tells us to get over ourselves and put one of these horses on a fashion magazine cover already.

I've always loved horses and can't get enough of them, from riding them to just watching them as they pass by, no one can disagree that horses are noble and beautiful creatures that are prized around the world for a good reason. It's also jaw dropping how closely horses' hair resembles our own, even the manner in which it grows and facial hair for male horses. Humans and horses have a lot more in common than we know and it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy such beauty and splendour that is characteristic of these noble and innocent animals that a select few of us are lucky to own.

Now it is time for you to check out these gorgeous horses with their own unique and artistic hairstyles for yourself. Head over to 'Buzzfeed' by following the link in the description below for more!

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