This Amazing Talented Man Is The Real Life Horse Whisperer. You Can't Miss It!

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Wow, this incredibly talented real life "horse whisperer" has such command and grace with horses that it seems unreal! He can literally get his horses to do anything with complete trust in them that he will not be injured and with only the smallest movements to signal to them what he wants them to do. Even the most skilled horse trainers would have to admit that they have never seen anything like this before in their lives, this European man in overalls just pushed the boundaries of horse competitions way out there with his skillful performances showcased in this video. This man is young, talented and clearly has a huge future cut out of him in the world of horse tricks and stunts. He has definitely only just embarked on his soon-to-be world famous career and it is mind-blowing how his uncanny personal connection to these horses goes way above and beyond anything I have seen before when it comes to trick-riding.

The term trick-riding has its roots in the Cossacks of Russia, who were some of the world's greatest fighters due to their mastery of their horses and their ability to control them in battle. Later, trick-riding came to the USA as a competitive event until the 1940's, where it ended due to the riders pushing their animals too hard to win the competitions, and was transformed into a specialty event at rodeos. Rex Rossi was one of the most famous trick-riders of all time who made his name in the 1950's and 60's and who stunt-doubled for many Hollywood starts including Clint Eastwood, and had a career that lasted over 60 years. Trick-riding continues to be a huge draw for crowded rodeos and other events to this day, not only in the US but in Europe and the rest of the world as well.

What makes this particular performance so fascinating is that the man involved incorporates two border collies into his acts as well; these loyal cute dogs fit right in and seem to feel adorably at home riding on the horse's back, proving that this man is not only a "horse whisperer" but a "dog whisperer" as well! However his best tricks are undoubtedly those that involve his two horses, one gorgeous white and the other chestnut brown, who steal the show by not only following directions but also showing a horse's soft side. In one example they let him sit on their bellies and kiss their noses affectionately with their hooves wrapped around his back in a loving embrace. In another case the two horses bow gracefully down and he crawls underneath them, trusting them not to accidentally crush him with their hooves in a touching display of his emotional as well as physical connection to the two horses. All in all, it is the sheer mastery of his craft and fearlessness when it comes to these huge noble animals that really impresses you.

Now you too can be left in sheer wonder as you see an incredible talent who seems destined to break a world record when it comes to trick-riding and is just now getting started.

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